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19 Jul A Word from Mark

Dear Friends of WTLC, I hope everyone survived the extreme heatwave that swept through Southern California in recent weeks! Living in Orange County for the past 25 years, I don’t remember ever feeling that close to the sun, but it did remind me of the summer...

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26 Apr You Make the Difference!

By Gigi Tsontos, LCSW, MPA Chief Executive Officer, WTLC As WTLC works to END THE CYCLE OF VIOLENCE AND EXPLOITATION, your investments have allowed us to keep families together by including the furry babies, increase access to counseling services, ensure access to victim's assistance by meeting people...

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09 Apr We Are Here For You

Victims of all types of crime—both violent and non-violent—may experience trauma, which includes not only physical injuries, but the mental and emotional wounds caused by the victimization. Sometimes that trauma is compounded in the aftermath of a crime—in the re-telling of details to law enforcement...

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27 Mar Enough is Enough

By Gigi Tsontos, LCSW, MPA Chief Executive Officer, WTLC In March we celebrated International Women's Day, participated in National Youth Violence Prevention Week, and this year we saw a National School Walkout and a March for Our Lives. The message is clear: ENOUGH is ENOUGH. Standing for...

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28 Jul Domestic Violence is a Health Crisis

Domestic Violence is a Health Crisis Gigi Tsontos May 30, 2016 Recently I spoke to a group of donors celebrating WTLC’s 40th Anniversary of serving survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking. I shared the stories of the most severe and prolonged public health crisis of our time,...

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28 Jul Language Is Key to Change

Language Is Key to Change Ending Domestic Violence Gigi Tsontos June 30, 2016 As members of the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence, both as an individual and through WTLC, I share the commitment of our recent conference “Shifting the Lens”.  The sessions discussed everything from how to engage...

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