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Residential Programs - WTLC: Ending the Cycle of Violence and Exploitation
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Residential Programs

Emergency Shelter

WTLC is the largest emergency shelter program in Orange County for survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking . We welcome survivors of any gender and those with a history of substance abuse and mental illness. 96% of our shelter graduates embark on a violence free life.

  • WTLC has a 62 bed facility for survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking and their children.
  • WTLC offers both a 45-day and 90-day program
  • WTLC provides for the basic needs of clients including food, clothing, and toiletries.
  • Advocates (case managers) support survivors through a trauma-informed model of care, allowing clients to maintain self-determination while focusing on safety.
  • Clinical Advocates support residents and their children through group, individual, and family therapeutic services.
  • Legal advocacy is provided to support the needs of the clients.

For information on our shelter services call our 24 hour hotline 877-531-5522.

Step Two Transitional Housing

A transitional housing program providing up to six months of housing, with services designed to assist the transition to permanent housing. The focus expands from that of safety and security to that of establishing sustainable permanence.

  • A ten unit apartment complex with 42 beds for survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking.
  • Therapeutic group, family, and individual services support clients toward healing and overcoming loss and grief related to trauma.
  • Advocates (case managers) assist residents in continuing to develop independent living skills, improving employability, increased income, and other supports.

For information on our Step Two Program contact our 24 hour hotline 877-531-5522 or 714-992-1939×117 or via email info@wtlc.org.