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Healing and Learning to Love Again - WTLC
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Healing and Learning to Love Again

20 Mar Healing and Learning to Love Again

Dear Friends of WTLC,

February was a month of love. Obviously, there was Valentine’s Day, but it was also my first-year wedding anniversary with my husband. (We celebrated by having some awesome sushi and a nice bottle of sake!). I also took a moment to reflect and think about the “reality-ness” of it all. I feel happy. I feel blessed. I feel lucky that I can experience what love is about.

Unfortunately, in our line of work, we see people who have been hurt by what they thought was love. We see their depression and prolonged sadness. We see their low self-esteem and lack of confidence. We sense their hopelessness and feelings of unworthiness. Sometimes, we even hear their suicidal thoughts.

Everyday, the team here at WTLC works tirelessly to help our participants learn to love again. We work hard to help rebuild their foundation of self-empathy so that they can start the process of healing and loving again. Learning to love again is a long journey and thanks to your continued support, we are here with our participants every step of the way.

Oh! And lastly – I hope to see you all at our Black & White Ball coming up on March 29th!

With Appreciation,


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