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A Place to Call Our Own: Edith’s Story - WTLC
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A Place to Call Our Own: Edith’s Story

26 Oct A Place to Call Our Own: Edith’s Story

Edith’s smile stretched from cheek to cheek as she opened the door to her apartment, welcoming us into her new home. She wasted no time giving us a tour of her new living space, proud of the home she had built for her family.

Three years ago, Edith never would have imagined that she and her two boys would be living in an apartment of their own, finally free from fear and beginning to heal. Edith had been trapped in an abusive relationship for years, and had recently gathered her courage and left. She and her two children moved in with her sister, sharing a small bedroom between the three of them. She was so grateful to her sister for welcoming them into her house, but knew they couldn’t stay there forever. Afraid of wearing out her welcome, she began to make calls.

Because of your support, when Edith called WTLC after being bounced from agency to agency, she was able to immediately be connected to the Key Housing Program. Working closely with their Advocate, Edith and her boys moved out of her sister’s house and into an apartment of their own. Edith was thrilled to have a safe space to house her family, but it didn’t quite feel like home yet.

WTLC reached out to Furnishing Hope, a partner agency that helps reduce stress for families transitioning to independent living by providing furniture and supplies. They were able to help Edith fill her space with furniture and décor that matched her family’s style, transforming the apartment unit into a home.

WTLC aims to empower individuals to begin the next chapter of their lives feeling safe, secure, and independent. Key Housing helps participants reach these goals by supporting their search for a home of their own, helping them establish a connection to their community that promotes integration and long-term stability.

If you or someone you know needs assistance working towards independent housing after surviving a domestic violence situation, please call the WTLC Hotline at 877-531-5522.

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