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Advocating for Change: The Impact of Education and Outreach - WTLC
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Advocating for Change: The Impact of Education and Outreach

20 Feb Advocating for Change: The Impact of Education and Outreach


Education is an integral part of community outreach. Not only does advocacy include educating the community through workshops on healthy relationships, presentations on the effects of domestic violence, or parenting empowerment classes, but also educating ourselves to be the most effective and supportive advocates we can be to our participants. In order to promote and create change in our communities, we must have the skills and tools required to do so.

Through education, WTLC advocates have been able to collaborate with our partners and outside agencies to assist those in need. In January, a training on human trafficking gave case managers at a family resource center the ability to recognize the signs of exploitation, which led to two human trafficking survivors beginning services with WTLC. In February, a parenting workshop on communication and parenting styles gave one parent the knowledge she needed to better support her teenage daughter at home. In March, WTLC will facilitate a 40-Hour Domestic Violence Certification Training educating the next generation of advocates.

These types of successes may seem small, but they are the result of our dedication to connecting survivors to services that will have a profound impact on their lives. At WTLC, advocacy is a part of our daily commitment to honoring and empowering survivors in the community. Through education and outreach, we strive to connect to individuals in need of support and increase collaboration with other advocates in the community.

Through a collective advocacy, WTLC hopes to provide all survivors with the education necessary to restart their lives and overcome the challenges they may face. Interested in advocating for change? Join us! Visit https://wtlc.org/get-involved/ for more info.

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