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Believing in Change - WTLC
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Believing in Change

24 May Believing in Change

Dear Friends of WTLC,

Doing the work we do, we have to believe in change.

We believe that we can change the world and create a society of nonviolence.

We believe that survivors can change their situations and live their lives free from abuse.

And we believe that people who have caused harm can change themselves, unlearning their harmful behaviors and bringing good into the world instead of hurt.

This month, as I watched Derek Chauvin be found guilty of the murder of George Floyd last year, I felt an overwhelming sense of relief that someone was finally being held accountable. And I began to feel hopeful that our society might finally be at a point where it too can begin taking accountability for centuries of hate and harm inflicted upon the Black members of our community.

As WTLC expands our services to reach those who have caused harm in our community, we continue to see that change is truly possible. But it takes work. For change to happen, a person has to fully accept the harm they have caused, take ownership of it, and make the decision to change for themselves, without any expectation of forgiveness or reconciliation.

We believe in change. And we are hopeful that together we can break the cycles of violence that are built into the very systems of our society.

With Appreciation,
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