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27 Dec A Journey Back Home

Shelia was living in the great state of Texas- as she claims- when she first met Luke.  He was in town for business when they struck up a conversation waiting in line to place their coffee order.  What started as a quick conversation to distract...

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27 Dec What’s In Your Closet

Nearly 21 million people – three out of every 1,000 people worldwide – are victims of forced labor across the world, trapped in jobs which they were coerced or deceived into and which they cannot leave.  One contributor to “forced labor” is fast fashion, which is defined as cheap,...

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28 Sep Announcing Hope House

Dear Friends of WTLC, Many of you may remember WTLC closing our Transitional Housing Program, "Second Step," in 2016 due to cuts in funding. Although we were one among several agencies who experienced the same fate, we didn't fully understand the impact this would have on survivors...

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28 Sep Finding Freedom

Dear Friends of WTLC, With Juneteenth just a few weeks ago and Independence Day right around the corner, maybe it's no surprise that freedom has been on my mind lately. For many Americans, freedom is a fundamental aspect of our cultural identity. The 4th of July celebrates...

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30 Aug You Are Not Alone: Healing Through a Harm Reduction Approach

There are a myriad of risk factors leading to Domestic Violence and Intimate Partner Violence, and substance misuse is often observed as a common complicating factor. Their co-existence expresses itself in a variety of ways, from being an element leading to violent incidents to maladaptive coping and navigating the impact of trauma. The use, misuse, and addiction of substances or unhealthy behaviors or habits are all...

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