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Celebrating the HERO in all of us - WTLC
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Celebrating the HERO in all of us

28 Jun Celebrating the HERO in all of us

Dear Friends,

The month of April is not yet over, and it feels like so much has happened already and there is still more to come. I am so excited to share the groundbreaking news of Hope House. Yes, you read correctly…we have broken ground on our new transitional housing facility and are one step closer to building a home where survivors can restart their lives.

We had a target date to complete the project in 2020, however, due to COVID and its effect on the building industry, we had to take a step back. Now in 2022, we are one step closer to building Hope.

We also have our SuperHERO gala coming up in just over a week. If you have not gotten your tickets yet, there is still a chance to do so! We are celebrating the Hero in all of us – that part of you that has continued to push forward in times of turmoil and give selflessly to the well-being of others. This will be a fun event where we can all gather and continue to raise money for our Hope House capital campaign. We have some great items we will be auctioning off, as well as some amazing getaways. I know we can all use a little break – become a sponsor and get your tickets here.

I am looking forward to seeing you all at the Ball on April 30th! And for those of you who won’t be able to attend, you can still support Hope House by donating here.

With appreciation,


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