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Centering Community and Care - WTLC
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Centering Community and Care

28 Sep Centering Community and Care

Did you know WTLC has a Center that is open to the community?

We do! 

Prior to opening the doors to our Center in 2017, all of WTLC’s services were available only in connection to an emergency shelter stay. If a survivor of domestic violence or human trafficking did not need or want to come into shelter, we could not provide them with recovery services such as counseling, legal advocacy, case management, or empowerment groups.

After recognizing this critical gap in services, we opened our Center, which serves as a centralized location where survivors can come to receive individual and group support services.

The Center aids WTLC in our efforts to reach each survivor wherever they are in their journey. We understand that Bridge Housing is not the only type of support a domestic violence or human trafficking survivor might be looking for. The Center offers additional healing after a survivor has left a DV or HT situation, or can serve as an additional support system while they consider leaving an abusive situation.

Additionally, in order to help make our programs even more accessible to the survivors in our community, we have broken down a significant barrier by providing childcare on-site while parents receive services at the Center. Our dedicated Center Advocates provide supervision, mentorship, and engaging activities for children of all ages.

Another way that we connect with survivors and their families is through our yearly Center events. This year, we hosted a Back to School backpack giveaway, and our annual Survivor Holiday Celebration is just around the corner. These Center events provide survivors with a chance to connect and enjoy fun and restorative family activities.

Survivors need a warm and welcoming space to build roots, stability, and connect with a positive support system. Our Center strives to provide this foundation to all DV and HT survivors in our community.

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