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Dismantling Systems of Inequity - WTLC
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Dismantling Systems of Inequity

28 Sep Dismantling Systems of Inequity

Dear Friends of WTLC,

July marked the start of WTLC’s fiscal year, and with it we entered the third and final year of our agency’s 2019-22 Strategic Plan.

One of the goals outlined in this plan is to recruit and retain high quality, diverse staff because we recognize that without the talented and compassionate Advocates who make up our team, our work would be impossible.

With this, I am thrilled to announce WTLC’s new compensation standard, based around the belief that no one should earn below a living wage while working for WTLC. As of July 1st, all WTLC staff are making at minimum $22.44/hour, the living wage for a single adult with no children in Orange County.

In the past, WTLC has relied on nonprofit compensation reports to identify the market rate for each position at our agency. Although using industry standard to determine pay may appear fair, we have recently recognized that these reports exist within a system of embedded inequity that often disproportionately harms people of color and other marginalized populations.

Since we are in the business of ending cycles that harm others, WTLC is continually assessing our role in creating a safer and healthier community for all. We are committed to using our voice to dismantle systems of inequity and oppression.

With appreciation,


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