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#DoingGood in April - WTLC: Ending the Cycle of Violence and Exploitation
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#DoingGood in April

Denim Day Facebook Cover Photo (1)

This April, we all have a role to play to stand up for survivors.

April is Child Abuse Prevention and Sexual Assault Awareness month.

Stand with us on April 29th, 2020.

Take a selfie in your denim outfit and let us know how you’re #DoingGoodinDenim! We’ll share the photos on our page here and social media on April 29th!

To commemorate Denim Day, we asked our staff, interns, and volunteers to dress in denim and let us know how they’re taking action to protest misconceptions surrounding sexual assault and what this day means to them. #DoingGoodInDenim


“You deserve to feel safe no matter what you’re wearing.” #DoingGoodinDenim


“Helped somebody get a restraining order today – just hours after they were attacked and sexually assaulted by their former partner.” #DoingGoodInDenim


“I spoke to my cousins about consent and the importance of consent! :)”#DoingGoodinDenim

Silvia Ggg

“Participating in Denim Day to help spread sexual assault awareness.” #DoingGoodinDenim


“Just had a conversation with my little brother about the importance of consent.” #DoingGoodinDenim

Andrea E

“Working towards creating a safe space where survivors are believed and can start healing.”  #DoingGoodinDenim


“Shared a powerful article with my friends on sexual assault.” #DoingGoodInDenim

Jessica Medina

“My outfit does not determine my consent.” #DoingGoodinDenim

Kim G

“Consent is not an assumption.” #DoingGoodinDenim


“No means NO. Stop sexual violence!” #DoingGoodinDenim


“Working towards creating a safe space where survivors are believed and can start healing.”  #DoingGoodinDenim


“Started a clothes drive for survivors of sexual assault.” #DoingGoodinDenim

Jessica J

“There is no excuse and never an invitation to rape. No means NO.” #DoingGoodinDenim

Kendra 1

“I help raise funds to support the survivors in our community.” #DoingGoodinDenim


“No means NO. Stop sexual violence!” #DoingGoodinDenim