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Domestic Violence - WTLC: Ending the Cycle of Violence and Exploitation
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Domestic Violence

Bridge Housing

Bridge Housing offers flexible shelter options with supportive services to survivors, ranging from emergency to longer term housing. We are excited to also welcome survivors’ pets!

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Therapeutic Children’s Program

Children’s Advocates provide therapeutic programming, academic support, and a safe and nurturing environment.

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Experienced counselors provide individual, family, and group counseling for children and adults.

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Human Trafficking

Provides immediate to long term housing solutions, clinical and legal services, and prevention education to survivors of human trafficking.

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Legal Advocacy

Advocates provide assistance with restraining orders, court support, and immigration services.

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Community Education & Advocacy

WTLC offers community workshops and trainings, our 10-week Personal Empowerment Program, and biannual domestic violence advocacy trainings.

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24/7 Hotline

Our bilingual hotline is available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week: (877) 531-5522


For non-urgent help or questions about domestic violence and human trafficking, send a confidential email or text to love@wtlc.org.

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LGBTQIA Services

WTLC welcomes LGBTQIA survivors and their families in all of our programs. WTLC is a certified Safe Zone, with all staff trained in LGBTQIA domestic violence support.


Safe Zone

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