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Community Education & Advocacy - WTLC: Ending the Cycle of Violence and Exploitation
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Community Education & Advocacy

Our vision to end the cycle of domestic violence and exploitation lends to prevention and intervention work within the community. The primary purpose of WTLC’s education and advocacy work is to develop cohesive and strategic approaches to create systematic change in the community.


WTLC hopes to establish and foster community understanding, encourage community involvement, and influence behaviors and attitudes to strengthen the lives of survivors of battering and exploitation while engaging the community to take action to end domestic violence and exploitation.

Community Education

Personal Empowerment Program – A 10-week psycho-educational course aimed at increasing awareness of the emotional and physical dangers involved in abusive relationships. To sign up for a PEP class, contact our helpline or call us at 714-992-1939 x 114 or email info@wtlc.org


40 Hour Domestic Violence State Certificate – Completion of this training meets the requirements set by California Evidence Code 1037.1 for designation as a Domestic Violence Counselor. Completing this certificate allows you to pursue employment and volunteer work as a Domestic Violence Counselor. WTLC provides an additional session during the two weekend training on Human Trafficking.

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Workshops and Training:

WTLC offers a variety of trainings focused on domestic violence, human trafficking, and healthy relationships for all ages. For more information, contact us at 714-992-1939 x 113 or email info@wtlc.org.

  • Domestic Violence/Human Trafficking
  • Bullying
  • HealthCare Assessment of Domestic Violence
  • Human Trafficking
  • Self Esteem & Healthy Relationships
  • Teen Dating
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Community Advocacy

Advocates are stationed at, or work closely with, local police departments to provide crisis counseling, legal advocacy, and supportive services. WTLC works with local jails to provide re-entry services to victims who have been incarcerated.