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Empowerment in the Community - WTLC
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Empowerment in the Community

27 Jul Empowerment in the Community


When William arrived for his first Parenting Class with WTLC, he was hopeful that he would learn something new that would help him bond with his daughter, but he also felt insecure about his parenting skills. Over the course of the six-week class, William befriended the other parents as they shared their own experiences with parenting young children, learning from each other’s trial and error.
The class facilitator empowered William and his classmates to trust that they were already experts at parenting and had the tools in their toolkit to bring out the best in their kids. Through guided group discussions, self-reflection, and meaningful class activities, William felt the encouragement he needed to elevate his parenting skills and communication style to better connect with his daughter. He expressed gratitude for learning how to further cultivate a safe and loving environment for his daughter to grow up in.

WTLC’s Community team provides a variety of educational, empowering classes and presentations for the public. Our advocates go out into the community at family resource centers, schools, shelters, and more to teach all about the effects of domestic violence, cyberbullying, human trafficking, and elder abuse. Our classes cover a broad range of topics that inform people about preventative measures to keep oneself safe from abuse, healthy relationships, warning signs, and how to access services if you become a victim to harm. The Community team also tables at local family resource fairs and events to promote WTLC’s wide variety of services to survivors in need. Through a trauma-informed care framework, our advocates believe that people are capable to make the best choices for their lives while having access to the resources to aid them in their journey in healing and self-discovery.

Whether you’re a survivor of domestic violence and need take our Personal Empowerment Program class, a parent needing some new skills on communicating with your child, or an organization in need of a workshop series, the WTLC Community team is here for you! Call our 24/7 helpline at 877-531-5522 to talk to an advocate for more information on upcoming classes, presentations, and community events.

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