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FAQ - WTLC: Ending the Cycle of Violence and Exploitation
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Section 1 Giving

How can I donate?

There are many ways to support the WTLC, you can donate electronically on our website, look for the Donate links. You can mail a check or money order to:

PO Box 916
Fullerton, CA 92832

Clothing items can be dropped of at the Bargain Box located at 233 W Amerige Ave in Fullerton, CA

For other items please contact us directly to schedule a delivery time 714-992-1939 ext. 108

What does the WTLC need?
  • Furniture (we are unable to pick it up)
  • Children’s clothing
  • Food (non-perishables)
  • Milk
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Toys
  • Gift certificates to stores
  • Household items (lamps, pots/pans, silverware, dishes)
  • New underwear for women and children
  • New shoes
  • School supplies
How can I volunteer?

Please contact info@wtlc.org for volunteer opportunities.

How often do you offer the 40 hour certification course?

We offer the course two times a year, in March and then in October.

Section 2 Outreach

What do I do if I suspect a friend or loved one is being abused?

Call our 24-hour hotline 877-532-5522; they will be able to advise you.

What do I do during a physical altercation?

Call 911 when you know the violence is occurring. Do not intervene yourself during the conflict.

What are the signs of Domestic Violence?

Signs of domestic violence (this is not an all-inclusive list, but some of the most commonly seen characteristics):

  • Controlling behavior
  • Constantly accusing you of being unfaithful
  • Discourage your relationships with family and friends (isolation)
  • Prevent you from working or attending school (isolation)
  • Constantly criticize you
  • Blame you for everything
  • Anger easily
  • Control all finances and force you to account in detail for what you spend
  • Humiliate you in front of others
  • Destroy personal property or sentimental items
  • Physical violence (hitting, pushing, slapping, biting, kicking)
  • Threaten you
  • Force you to have sex against your will
Do you charge for your services?

There is no charge for the emergency shelter.

Do you offer counseling?

Call our 24 Hour Hotline for more information 877-531-5522

What are your funding sources?

The WTLC receives private, corporate and government grants but relies heavily on charitable donations.

Do you have internships available?

Yes, please email your resume to Sandy Ruiz sruiz@wtlc.org.