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Finding Courage in the Legal Process - WTLC
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Finding Courage in the Legal Process

28 Aug Finding Courage in the Legal Process

Some of the most significant challenges faced by survivors in filing a restraining order is the re-traumatization, anxiety, and worry the court process has on them. For example, survivors are often fearful of facing their abuser in court or having to recount their trauma in a courtroom full of strangers.

At WTLC, we understand that going through the legal process alone can be a terrifying and stressful ordeal for a survivor. That’s why our Legal Advocates are committed to providing emotionally supportive, legal advocacy that is responsive to survivors’ trauma throughout the court process. Our Advocates aid survivors by providing information regarding the Restraining Order process, preparing Restraining Orders, prepping participants for upcoming court hearings, and accompanying participants to their court hearings.

In 2017, our Legal Advocates provided advocacy services to over 200 survivors throughout the restraining order process.

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