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Hope House Capital Campaign 2021-2022 - WTLC: Ending the Cycle of Violence and Exploitation
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Hope House Capital Campaign 2021-2022

Fundraising Goal ($710,000 Total)0%

Everyone has the right to a safe and healthy life, and to

build a future that fulfills their dreams.

Survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking who enter WTLC’s Bridge Housing Program represent a population of people who have no social and community networks available to support them, and have very limited to no income. They are traumatized by their abuse, oppression, and exploitation. WTLC works to bring them to a functional level where they are able to perform daily tasks, participate in society, and build relationships and community in a healthy way. BUT THIS TAKES TIME.

In response to survivors needing more time to heal, WTLC reopened its Transitional Housing Program in 2019. Our Transitional Housing operates in the critical space between emergency shelter and permanent housing assistance, providing free support and access to supportive services for residents who are not yet ready to live on their own. With no dedicated facility to house this program, it was moved into our emergency shelter facility. As this program grows it limits the number of beds available for survivors escaping violent situations, LIMITING OUR ABILITY TO PROVIDE LIFE-SAVING SERVICES TO THOSE IN CRITICAL CONDITIONS.

Campaign Fundraising Goal: $710,000


Current Funds Raised: $496,274

The Hope House Capital Campaign will provide the necessary funding to newly construct a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom multi-family facility which will house 16-20 survivors who are participating in WTLC’s Transitional Housing Program.

Help us grow to meet the challenge.

By making a donation to the Hope House Capital Campaign,

you are investing in stories of survivors, and creating safer and healthier communities for everyone.

If you’d like to view the online version of the Hope House Case for Support, you can do so here. Or download the PDF version here. To help rewrite the stories of survivors and children or learn more information, contact Alycia Capone at acapone@wtlc.org or call 714-992-1939 ext. 104.