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Human Trafficking and You: Business and Buying Practices - WTLC
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Human Trafficking and You: Business and Buying Practices

29 Jan Human Trafficking and You: Business and Buying Practices

Business and Human Trafficking: As a business person, educator, parent, resident, citizen, you must EDUCATE yourself and take ACTION. January was human trafficking awareness month. Help to END TRAFFICKING by creating business and personal practices that purposefully do not support those activities.

MODERN DAY SLAVERY includes forced labor, sex trafficking, and debt bondage. Arguably forced labor/involuntary servitude is the most encompassing form affecting your business whether you are aware or not.  Trafficking is a $32 billion industry, in 161 countries including first world countries, and 78% of this is forced labor (Polaris).  These numbers indicate that you and I have likely been in contact with a trafficked person in our business.

Our business and our choices are the answer to ending the plight of Human Trafficking.  Consider your hiring practices, your supply chains and your choice of partners are anti-trafficking; now what do you really know about them. Research your partners.  Contact WTLC to schedule a training for you and your staff   or visit the state department website for information to share; Check out the Department of Labor’s List of Goods Produced by Child and Forced Labor; Encourage supply chain efficacy by taking action; Distribute anti trafficking materials;  and visit the U.S. Department of State website for other opportunities.

Ad a consumer, it is our responsibility to chose products that do not promote trafficking. Visit Slavery Footprint for information on your purchasing practices.  Teach your children and ask your school to partner with WTLC to teach children about trafficking, share this article to start the conversation with your school administrators.  Set up a google alert on Human Trafficking to keep on top of the issue.

Utilizing this information to education yourself is the first step to ending slavery for all. Take a stand to become a SLAVERY FREE business. Culture and people change with one action after another. Join me today the last day of January and Human Trafficking Awareness month by signing up at Slavery Footprint to learn your personal and professional footprint’s impact on human trafficking or contact me to schedule a training or conversation about trafficking.

If you or someone you know may be a victim of trafficking or domestic violence contact our 24 hour hotline.


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