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Human Trafficking - WTLC: Ending the Cycle of Violence and Exploitation
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Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking Quote

Bridge Housing Services


WTLC’s Bridge Housing Program provides immediate to long term housing solutions that are inclusive and trauma-informed to survivors of human trafficking. Survivors who reside in our Bridge Housing Program have access to laundry, additional clothes, food, financial assistance, hygiene essentials, referrals to community resources and long term housing solutions, as well as an individual case manager who works with the survivor to create their own individualized service plan and plan of care, which highlights the survivor’s personal goals and viable steps to attaining these goals.  


Our Key Housing Program assists survivors in securing stable housing of their own. Housing Navigators support the survivor in searching and securing a home, financial assistance to cover costs associated with moving, rent, utilities, etc., and linkages to community resources to promote survivor’s stability. 

Clinical Services


WTLC’s Clinical Services department provides healing and therapeutic support services to address the issues of trauma toward ending the cycle of violence. We provide supportive, collaborative care to survivors of human trafficking.

Our clinical services include: 

  • Individual, family, and group counseling for children and adults
  • Play therapy for children
  • Parenting and Personal Empowerment classes
  • Therapeutic art workshops
  • Resources and referrals for substance abuse support 
  • On-site Psychiatric services twice a month for uninsured participants

Legal Services


WTLC’s Legal Advocacy department provides supportive, collaborative care to survivors of human trafficking. Advocates assist survivors in reclaiming their lives by bridging the gap between the survivor and the justice system. Our staff is equipped to help survivors initiate family law proceedings, file for protective orders, obtain support during interactions with law enforcement, commence immigration work, and connect with community partner organizations dedicated to providing pro bono legal representation to survivors of human trafficking.  

Prevention Education


The Community, Education, and Advocacy Team of WTLC works together to spread awareness about Human Trafficking through education, prevention, and intervention work within the community.  

We provide informational presentations as well as trainings to schools, parents, other agencies, and to the community regarding this prevalent issue in Orange County.     

As part of our prevention initiative we educate and empower those who are at higher risk of being trafficked or exploited.    

Our Team establishes and fosters community understanding, and encourages community involvement to strengthen the lives of survivors of abuse and exploitation. 

For more information:


  • Call our 24/7 Bilingual Helpline 1-877-531-5522
  • Email us at info@wtlc.org
  • For non-urgent help or questions about domestic violence and human trafficking, send a confidential email or text to love@wtlc.org