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Impact Wall - WTLC: Ending the Cycle of Violence and Exploitation
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Impact Wall


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WTLC values each and every donation we receive.  We regard our individual and institutional investors as key supporters who invest in our mission to improve the lives of domestic violence and human trafficking survivors. As such, we recognize them for their extraordinary generosity and dedication to our cause using our Impact wall. We would love for you to consider what you can do to join this powerful group of givers.


Dawn Lyons and Mike Macedonia

Jenny and Jeff Stay
Margie and Emory Cowan

Alex and Blair Rodriquez

Catherine and Bob Hope
Vicky and Alex Lee


Sue and Gerry Carpenter

Renee and Blake Shelton
Josh and Sarah Grabinski

Jennifer and Kendrick Lamar

Rebekah and Daniel Chapman
Kelly and Catherine Coupe


Sarah and Josh Groban

Julie and Jess Kindrey
Kiera and John Johnson

David and Susan Fisher

Blake and Katherine In
Anna and David Mallory


Diana and Luke Jensen

Rob and Sue Robinson
Maureen and Mike Cooley

Jeff and Jannet Yoo

Kate and Joshua Patrick
Patrick and Ashley Donovan

We wish to thank each and every one of our generous investors who have helped to make it possible for us to provide services to survivors over the past year.

How Becoming an Investor Helps You!

  • Investors receive recognition in all WTLC Communication channels materials (website, newsletter, and social media);
  • All investors are invited to display corporate literature at WTLC events;
  • All proceeds go back to supporting programs that help survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking not only survive but thrive.