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Made In: Human Trafficking Awareness Month - WTLC: Ending the Cycle of Violence and Exploitation
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Made In: Human Trafficking Awareness Month


January is is Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Awareness Month, and this year you can #remakeretail but joining WTLC’s #Madein Campaign to end labor trafficking. More often than we realize, elements of forced labor may be present within the supply chain of products we buy or the services we pay for. As economies around the world integrate, it is faster and easier for goods produced with forced labor to enter the global market. In the U.S., labor traffickers exploit and enslave both foreign nationals and U.S. citizens.  Join us in commemorating Human Trafficking Awareness Month by making a commitment – and challenging others to do the same – of being a more conscious shopper in how you shop!   


By taking a stand, we intend to raise awareness by reminding those in our own community that there are still countless people – victims and survivors, their children and families – impacted by domestic violence. You’re invited to join us for the our great virtual events and workshops throughout the month!


This Human Trafficking Awareness Month, we ask all individuals to empower themselves by speaking out and getting involved in ending the cycle of violence. Follow us on social media all month long to learn more and speak up using #MadeIn and #RemakeRetail. 

 You’re Invited!


Join us for great virtual events and workshops throughout the month! Check out the calendar of events below.



Check out the Community Conversations calendar below.