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Meet Our Team - WTLC: Ending the Cycle of Violence and Exploitation
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Meet Our Team

Mark Lee Photo JPEG

Mark Lee

Chief Executive Officer

Administration Department

Pat 350px

Pat Kelly


Sean Phan 350px

Sean Phan

Accountant/Administrative Assistant

Advancement and Communications Department

Alycia Capone 350px

Alycia Capone

Director of Advancement & Communications

Alysaa Reyes 350px

Alyssa Reyes

Community & Human Trafficking Manager

Kendra 350 px

Kendra Blinde

Contracts & Advancement Supervisor

Julio Rebollar 350px

Julio Rebollar

Prevention Education Supervisor

Untitled design (1)

Francisco Barron

Prevention & Education Advocate


Darnell Baylor

Community Advocate

Picture Unavailable 350px

Diana Carachure

Quality Assurance Advocate

Stephanie 350px

Stephanie Faalave

Supervised Visitation Specialist

Untitled design (2)

Edward Fuentes

Community Advocate

Silvia G 350PX

Silvia Galindo

Elder Abuse Specialist

Jessica Jimenez 350px

Jessica Jimenez

Community Advocate

Rosie Nava 350PX

Rosie Nava

Community Advocate

Sarah 350 px

Sarah Rha

Marketing & Development Specialist

Morelia Rodriquez 350px

Morelia Rodriguez

Community Advocate

Housing and Center Department

Sandy 350 px

Sandy Ruiz

Associate Director of Housing

Alejandro Santiago 350px

Alejandro Santiago

Facilities Manager

Ms Chris 350 px

Christelia Quintana

Life Skills Manager

Andrea Diaz 350px

Andrea Diaz

Helpline Supervisor

Adriana De La Torre 350px

Adriana De La Torre

Housing Supervisor

Picture Unavailable 350px

Cynthia Arizon

Housing Advocate

Picture Unavailable 350px

Giuliana Cassinerio

Helpline Advocate

Picture Unavailable 350px

Belinda Gonzalez

Housing Navigator

Damian 350px

Damian Jimenez

Center Advocate

Luis 350 px

Luis Lopez

Housing Advocate

Zayra 350px

Zayra Noriega

Helpline Advocate

Picture Unavailable 350px

Angelina Padilla

Relief Advocate

Brianna Pham

Brianna Pham

Housing Advocate

Angelica 350 px

Angelica Rios

Housing Advocate

Peter 350 px

Peter Simon

Center Advocate

Picture Unavailable 350px

Megan Torculas

Relief Advocate

Supportive Services Department

Navreet Dhaliwal 350px

Navreet Dhaliwal

Director of Supportive Services

Oma 350 px

Omaraid Guerrero

Immigration Services Manager

Dan 350 px

Dan Sanders

Legal Services Manager

Taylor Archer 350px

Taylor Archer

Clinical Advocate


Aly Giermann

Clinical Advocate

Kimberly Granados 350px

Kimberly Granados

Legal Advocate


Jessica Medina

Legal Advocate

Melinda M 350px

Melinda Mehta

Clinical Advocate

Hannah Pasternak 350px

Hannah Pasternak

Clinical Advocate

Darci 350px

Darciana Schad

Legal Advocate