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Never Too Late for a New View - WTLC: Ending the Cycle of Violence and Exploitation
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Never Too Late for a New View


Mary’s story is not for the faint of heart. At an early age, Mary was exposed to a myriad of childhood traumas that were sure to leave a lasting impact on a lonesome child who had yet to even learn her ABC’s. From birth, Mary was thrown into an ocean of unfamiliarity and instability. Waves of uncertainty and trepidation would follow, causing a bright and lively teen to slowly fall victim to the shackles of alcoholism and drug addiction.  


Mary would succumb to substance abuse, surrounding herself with individuals who physically, verbally, and psychologically abused the already troubled young woman. It was a “madhouse,” in her words. Months turned to years; years turned to decades. But the saying “it’s never too late” could be applied tenfold in Mary’s case. Beneath the trauma, struggle, and abuse, the bright and lively child that once was, was still fighting for a chance to thrive, and rewrite the second half of her story.  


In time, Mary reached out for assistance and found herself connected with WTLC. Upon Mary’s arrival at our shelter, her Housing Advocates completed the intake process, assessed for immediate danger, screened for signs of human trafficking, and connected Mary with WTLC’s partnered ‘Action Alliance’ sober living program, which specializes in assisting individuals on the road to substance misuse recovery. The program would give Mary three months (or more) of structured housing and support to guide her sobriety and recovery process. At the same time, Mary continued to receive additional services through WTLC such as weekly case management, counseling services, legal assistance, Personal Empowerment courses, PTSD groups, and therapeutic art.


In her brief time working with WTLC, Mary quickly regained her independence and began taking charge of her life once more. Motivated, determined, and ready to rewrite the next chapters of her life – Mary applied for and obtained social services such as Cal Fresh, GR, and SSI. She has also taken great strides in bettering her physical health through doctor appointments, psychiatric evaluations, proper prescription medication, and monthly check-ups. Mary is now receiving the medical assistance she needs. On top of obtaining income, getting healthy, and working on her recovery, Mary has also begun working with Transitional Programs to prepare for the next step in her life following her stay at Action Alliance.


Mary is also a part of WTLC’s Flex-Funding program in which our organization provides participants with a monthly monetary stipend to further alleviate their financial burden. And with the continued support from WTLC and friends, we are confident that Mary’s story will continue to shine brightly and radiate across the skies of our organization as a story we are proud to have been a part of.