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Overcoming the Struggle of a New Beginning - WTLC: Ending the Cycle of Violence and Exploitation
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Overcoming the Struggle of a New Beginning


WTLC’s Key Housing Program supports survivors in reaching their goals of obtaining long-term independent housing. Program participants are assigned to a Housing Navigator, who they work with to identify housing needs and establish a housing stabilization plan to help them overcome potential barriers.


Autumn had just begun and Eva found herself in a situation that had become all too familiar. Her partner – the father of her four young children – had started to say things that she knew would lead to a physical altercation. She knew she needed to leave, but making that decision did not come easy. She struggled with the idea of not having a stable home for her children and feared not being able to make it on her own, as it seemed impossible. But as things escalated, she knew she had to take chance on herself in order to ensure she and her children would be safe.


Eva reached out to her local police department, which helped her make the connection to WTLC. She soon moved into our emergency shelter, and then our transitional housing program. While there, she also received supportive services, such as counseling and support groups. She was determined to find stable long-term housing for herself and her children and was connected to our Key Housing Program to help her achieve this goal.


One of Eva’s biggest challenges was finding a landlord that would be open to renting to her, as her rental history was not very favorable. Her ex-partner had severely damaged their last rental during the various incidents of abuse that took place. This made landlords apprehensive about taking a chance on her until Mr. Jay heard her story and the services she was receiving through WTLC. He was moved by her strength and dedication and approved her rental application.


Eva’s housing advocates provided support throughout the move-in process. Financial support was provided to help cover the move-in costs and help her and her children get settled in. With new house keys in hand, Eva took a huge step forward, ready to welcome the season’s change.


For more information on our Key Housing program, or to get help please contact our 24/7 Helpline at 877-531-5522.