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Preventing Violence: Points of Access - WTLC
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Preventing Violence: Points of Access

22 May Preventing Violence: Points of Access

Understanding that violence is preventable and not inevitable is the key to change. The CDC uses a social-ecological model to frame its efforts. Working from the individual, relationship, community, and society in efforts to decrease and ultimately prevent violence.  For WTLC, preventing Intimate Partner Violence is the first step to living in a violence free world. When an individual experiences harm at the hands/words of a partner;  the cycle begins and ripples throughout their ecology.

Bridget was 25 from an affluent family. She met Tony. They ran away and married. She was a graduate student. He was her classmate. Both lived what most would consider a comfortable life. Her mother a school principal and her father ran a family business. His mother ran her own company and his father passed away when he was young.

Sharing the news with her parents, they were surprised but happy for the young couple. Tony’s mom was thrilled and started asking about children. Neither Bridget nor Tony had worked a job in their life.

They were both searching for employment after graduation. She found hers first. They moved to a big city and he kept searching. Soon the couple was arguing often. He wasn’t finding work and spending more time playing video games. She was working long hours.

The first time she “lost it.” They were both embarrassed and worked hard to hide the incident. Tony was cut by the wine glass she threw at him. Slowly Bridget started coming home angry. Tony started drinking. Tony’s mom would call and wouldn’t respond. Bridget stopped talking to her parents.

This went on for months.

WTLC works to engage before the breaking point.  Training businesses, educating local groups, providing access support to BREAK the cycle or PREVENT it.

What can you do:


Contact WTLC for training information info@wtlc.org 714-992-1939 x113

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