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The Role of Telehealth in Reducing the Mental Health Burden from COVID-19 - WTLC
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The Role of Telehealth in Reducing the Mental Health Burden from COVID-19

29 Apr The Role of Telehealth in Reducing the Mental Health Burden from COVID-19

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, WTLC has worked to continue providing critical support to survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking. While many of us are utilizing virtual meetings to facilitate work schedules and connect with friends and family; our Clinical Department is currently providing tele-mental health sessions. Support from one of our Clinical Advocates is just a click or a phone call away.

Many news publications have reported an increase in intimate partner violence during the pandemic with many survivors experiencing a heightened feeling of being isolated or trapped in dangerous and unhealthy relationships. With current stay-at-home orders in effect, survivors and their families are spending more time in the presence of their abuser, putting them at greater risk of emotional and physical harm.  

We understand that during these times it is important to respect social distancing and remain in safe and healthy environments, so we have expanded our services to reach you whenever you are most comfortable. Our counselors can connect with you wherever you are, with services available for all survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking. Our experience with tele-mental health services has been incredibly positive, with one Clinical Advocate saying that, “Using telehealth has allowed the survivors I help to know they are not alone; and being able to see each other during video sessions makes us feel that we are in the same place together. That feeling of normalcy benefits survivors healing and growth.” Tele-mental health counseling services are available to those seeking support for the first time and those who have been already receiving services. The need for continued support was highlighted by one survivor who said, “I just started my therapy at WTLC before the Coronavirus and was afraid of the isolation being in my home. I was happy when my therapist reached out to continue my therapy. I felt safe again, and it was comforting to be able to speak to them.”

Our staff have remained dedicated to providing the highest level of service and are working to ensure that all survivors can continue their healing journeys, as another member of our Clinical team stated, “This situation is changing every day, so it is important for us to continue to offer consistent therapy for survivors.”

You can speak to a counselor from the comfort of your home with our video and telephone therapy sessions. To schedule an appointment, please call our 24-Hour Helpline at (877) 531-5522 or email love@wtlc.org.


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