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Sharing Stories of Women - WTLC
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Sharing Stories of Women

28 May Sharing Stories of Women

Dear Friends of WTLC,

Last year during Women’s History Month, we encouraged you to learn a woman’s name, her story, what she did, how she did it, why she did it. We asked you to help us shine a light on women’s stories.

We would love to learn about the women you have encountered and who have made a difference in your lives, your community, or who has contributed to your being.

As many of you know, WTLC was founded by a group of courageous women who identified a need after finding that women and their children were sleeping in their cars while fleeing abusive homes. These women organized to bring a safe haven to those experiencing domestic violence, despite a community that was very vocally resistant to this change.

WTLC has definitely seen a fair amount of changes throughout the years, however we have not lost focus on continuing to help our community transform lives. We would love to hear your stories about the significant roles women have played in your lives this Women’s History Month. Reach out to us and share your stories via our Facebook or Instagram. We want to hear from you!

This month, we also ask you to take moment to say “thank you” to the women in your lives who you admire, respect, and love.

With appreciation,


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