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Nearing the End of the Beginning - WTLC
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Nearing the End of the Beginning

22 Jul Nearing the End of the Beginning

Dear Friends,

To paraphrase Winston Churchill, we are nearing the end of the beginning. After an uneasy 15 weeks of the safe-at-home order, our community is getting ready to experience the light of a new day.

At WTLC, we’re ready for what’s next. Our leadership team and Board of Directors have been working diligently in the past several weeks, mapping out details related to our workforce, programs and services, and business operations. Their good work paved the way to a new chapter for WTLC in the COVID-19 environment. Although all virtual programs and mobile advocacy will continue indefinitely, we are preparing to increase our in-person program capacity to pre-COVID-19 levels. In June, we initiated our plans for reengaging our program operations, beginning the careful transition from our current hybrid remote/in-person work.

Not all staff will return to on-site work at the same time. On-site operations will resume at a gradual pace, with some program areas ready for 100% in-person operations before others. The phase-in decisions are being made with an abundance of thought and planning, with the health and safety of our staff and survivors at the forefront. Of course, this transition plan will be flexible with a willingness to retreat to prior phases if necessary. Whether our programs and services are remote or in-person, we will continue to provide a high-quality service experience for our survivors and community.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

With all best wishes to all of you and your loved-ones, friends and neighbors. Stay safe. Be well.

With Appreciation,


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