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Volunteers Give Hope - WTLC: Ending the Cycle of Violence and Exploitation
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Volunteers Give Hope

Sophia has been volunteering at WTLC for the past year and oversees our family activities on Saturdays. Here at WTLC, we encourage parents to participate in family activities, as parent involvement is said to help enhance academics, enrichment, and relationships. From decorating pumpkins to making their own Christmas wreaths, Sophia is excellent at providing and creating her own age-appropriate curriculum. She ensures participants remain safe and have fun as they go about their activities. Throughout the activity, Sophia makes everyone feel welcome by listening and offering words of encouragement to the group. Family activities are great because they help families come closer together during hard times. 


WTLC has been very fortunate to have dedicated and passionate volunteers who positively impact our participants’ lives. A volunteer’s role requires hard work and dedication. Still, it is very rewarding for people who enjoy interacting with participants to improve their lives.  


Volunteers at WTLC are an essential part of our program and thanks to them, participants can have fun, safe, and interactive activities to help bring families together.


WTLC loves and thanks its volunteers.