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WTLC’s Exciting Future

26 Aug WTLC’s Exciting Future

Dear Friend of WTLC,
About twelve months ago, I began my leadership at WTLC and spent my first several months listening and learning from many of you about the critical issues facing our community. Your thoughts and insights have provided important context as I’ve reflected on WTLC’s role in this community and laid the groundwork for a strategic planning process we started in February 2019.
Today I’m excited to unveil our new strategic plan, which is based on extensive feedback from key internal and external stakeholders. Our plan presents a striving 3-year roadmap for addressing our most compelling opportunities and articulating our direction and priorities. Our plan is rooted in our long-held values, builds upon the strengths of our past work since our founding in 1976, and reaffirms our position as a premier trauma-informed care service provider for survivors of abuse.
This plan includes six broad and interconnected goals for WTLC to foster positive change in our survivors and in our community:
  • Provide a trauma-informed, transformative experience for all participants
  • Strengthen opportunities for participants to achieve their goals
  • Develop and engage effective ways to measure and evaluate the work of WTLC
  • Communicate the impact of WTLC to the broader community
  • Recruit and retain high quality, diverse staff and board of directors
  • Expand and strengthen WTLC’s operational and financial capacity
These goals are broad, comprehensive, and ambitious. Making significant progress is beyond the ability of WTLC to accomplish alone. Your deep passion to end the cycle of violence and your continued support of our mission keeps us energized and hopeful for what we can accomplish for our community. We are ready to move forward, and we look forward to working shoulder to shoulder with everyone who shares our vision.

With Appreciation,

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