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You Are Not Alone - WTLC: Ending the Cycle of Violence and Exploitation
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You Are Not Alone


At WTLC our trauma-informed and compassionate Legal Advocates are here to help survivors navigate the complex and stressful process of representing themselves in court.  


Whether you are a trained legal professional, you have experienced your own legal case in court, or you have watched some lawyer shows on TV, one thing everyone can agree on is that the process of dealing with a legal matter is stressful. For everyone involved.  


For someone who is personally dealing with a legal case related to the abuse, exploitation, or trauma they have survived, the stress of walking through that process alone can feel overwhelming and unbearable. In many cases, having to come face-to-face in court with the person who harmed them, is itself re-traumatizing and emotionally scarring for a survivor, whether they win or lose their case. 


This is where WTLC’s Legal Advocates come in. Our Legal Advocates are trained to help survivors to represent themselves in court cases where they are seeking legal protection from the person who hurt them. From helping survivors file legal paperwork to providing trauma-informed emotional support at court hearings, to connecting survivors with outside pro bono attorneys who can provide legal advice, our Legal Advocates are there to help survivors navigate the legal process as they seek protection for themselves and their families.


If you know a survivor who is feeling stressed or overwhelmed about their upcoming court date, please encourage them to call WTLC’s 24-hour bilingual Helpline at (877) 531-5522 to start the process of getting connected with a legal advocate. They do not not have to walk through the legal system alone.