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CEO's Letter - WTLC: Ending the Cycle of Violence and Exploitation
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CEO’s Letter

Dear Friends,


Recently, WTLC was honored to be recognized by our friends at Public Law Center (PLC) as their Community Partner of the Year. This recognition was incredibly humbling, and we are so proud of our Legal Advocacy team for all of their hard work in our community. Working in the non-profit sector, collaborations with partner agencies are critical to ensuring our programs can effectively reach the populations that need our services.


Your choice to dedicate your time and energies to the survivors in our community says something important about your character, your spirit, and your commitment to a better and just world. We often sacrifice our own self-interest to be of support to others, we pour our heart and dedication into a cause that sometimes feels never-ending, and we frequently have to overcome the effects of vicarious trauma. But we still do this work to make a difference and we stay motivated and inspired to do our best to work to support WTLC’s vision of ending the cycle of violence and exploitation. I feel humbled to see the positive impact our staff have had on the survivors and community we serve.


And helping to make all of this work possible are our partners and friends who ensure our team has the resources and support to help the survivors in our community. YOU are the driving force behind the scenes, giving us the opportunity to make a difference.


With appreciation,




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